Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions about being a host below

How to start a cohort?

When you have some material you would like to suggest for a cohort, visit the app. Fill in the cohort focus (e.g. Amazon Web Clone Cohort), specific tutorial material and your background in coding.

Hosts don’t need to be expert programmers. But they need to be enthusiastic about completing the material and willing to lead with enthusiasm with their cohort.

How to find cohort members?

Each BuildFaast cohort offers a unique learning opportunity. Members apply to cohorts to gain valuable on-hands knowledge in their chosen programming discipline.

Because each cohort caters to different audiences, luckily with our large community of diverse developers you're always able to find a good group of people to learn with.

How to host a successful cohort?

BuildFaast’s most successful hosts follow a core set of guidelines:

  • Be nice. Everyone is learning for different reasons. It's ok if someone doesn't know something.
  • Be helpful. We are here to help each other learn. Let's try not to leave a question unanswered here.
  • Be on topic. Stealing this a bit from stack-overflow but yea, try to be on topic with the question being asked.
While we encourage hosts to add their own unique flair to each cohort, these guidelines ensure the best experience for each member of our community.

How are hosts evaluated?

To ensure a quality experience on the BuildFaast platform, hosts are incentivized to follow community guidelines and provide the best experience for users.

Each cohort member will receive two short surveys (one during and one after the cohort) to ensure the cohort is meeting everyone's expectations.

The survey will align with the values highlighted in the previous section on host guidelines.

For example, cohort members may be asked:

  • How well did the community support your questions during this cohort?
  • How responsive was the host when the community did not reply to a request?
  • How would you rate the quality of the content in this cohort?
BuildFaast hosts may be in touch during the cohort following negative survey results. BuildFaast hosts will review negative feedback and support the host, where necessary. Negative feedback may impact the host’s compensation (if they are hosting a premium cohort).

How are hosts compensated?

BuildFaast hosts are compensated in several ways.

Firstly, paid cohort hosts receive a share of the cohort revenue.

Hosts also have access to cohort statistics. Metrics such as user engagement, satisfaction and development can be used in portfolios, CVs and cover letters. Clear results and performance indicators are always helpful during the job hunt!

Ultimately, as a host, you position yourself as a core node in the BuildFaast community. This networking opportunity is useful for both progressing your career and connecting with like-minded people.